By The Numbers: Kings Island’s Bonkers New Water Slide

Slide-riders, rejoice! The new seven-story Tropical Plunge at Kings Island’s Soak City water park opened its chutes Memorial Day weekend. The gravity-aided attraction includes six slides with twists and turns to thrill even the park’s most seasoned Gold Pass–holders, including vertical drops from various “Aqua-Launch” chambers and a string of four 360-degree loops. We crunched the numbers on this wet and wild ride.

12.9 mps→ Sliders’ top speed in meters-per-second—nearly 29 mph. The minimum speed is 10.2 meters per second, or roughly 23 mph. So the experience is more or less like sliding down I-75 during rush hour.

65 feet→ Height of Tropical Plunge’s highest point—hope you’re ready to climb some stairs! The ride is just slightly shorter than the White House, which rises to 70 feet tall.

2,246 feet→ Total length of the ride’s tubes. Feeling particularly slippery? Challenge a friend to race in the dueling 337-foot slides. Whoever loses buys the slushies.

CM_JULY16_FL_PopLife20,000 hours→ On-site man-hours spent on construction. Kings Island is keeping mum on the total cost of Tropical Plunge, however, which was built by Canadian company WhiteWater.

74,000 gallons→ Water capacity used to “power” the attraction. (The water is recycled.) By comparison, an Olympic-size swimming pool holds 660,430 gallons of water.


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