Keep Your Eye Out for a New OTR Eatery

A new wine-centric restaurant from the creators of 1215 Wine Bar & Coffee Lab wants to be your new neighborhood spot.
Founders Daniel Souder (left) and Joanna Kirkendall

A new vision from Joanna Kirkendall and Daniel Souder is coming to Over-the-Rhine. The founders of 1215 Wine Bar & Coffee Lab are bringing a friendly, approachable concept to the corner of 15th and Pleasant Streets, not far from Washington Park. While Over-the-Rhine has its share of restaurants, full-service food from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. isn’t as common. The restaurant will not accept reservations, instead hoping to become a friendly neighborhood oasis, open and available to anyone who happens to pass by. Gone is the intimidating front and pretension of many OTR spots, instead replaced by a desire to be a “super approachable” everyday part of the community. Souder insists his vision is for “not even close to a special occasion,” and hopes people learn to stop in for a midday glass of wine.

The restaurant will be the perfect spot to grab all three meals, but will remain very wine-centric. Souder plans to bring in all organic wines, which he says is like “pure, fermented grape juice. Honest. A winemaker’s wine.”

It’s clear that Souder has a passion. “I just really focused on wine about four or five years ago,” he says. He and Kirkendall took a trip to California earlier this year where they met with the owner of Oakland’s Ordinaire Wine. It was there that they got inspired and hatched the idea for their latest venture.

“We’re bringing same mindfulness to wine that food has, which is something that gets left behind at the majority of restaurants in our city right now,” says Souder. Lots of local restaurants take the time to carefully select food, “but when it comes to wine, they’re essentially employing a distributor to make their lists.”

The new digs will be tucked into 1,000 square feet, featuring 45 seats for full-service dining, a 15-seat bar, and an outdoor patio. The address is etched in stone, but a name, executive chef, and opening date have yet to be announced.

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