Five Condiments We Can’t Get Enough of

Why would you have your burger plain when these great sauces are available?

Gone are the days of ketchup, mustard, and tasteless mayo. Next time you order, don’t be afraid to drown your burger in one of these mouth-watering condiments.

Goose Sauce

Jose Salazar’s Goose & Elder calls the eponymous “Goose Sauce” its secret ingredient. What certainly isn’t a secret to regulars is that this is the Swiss army knife of sauces. The mildly spiced mayo-based sauce comes on the side with the krinkle-cut Elder Fries, but it pairs perfectly with practically everything on the menu.

Bone Marrow Mayo

You can find this collagen-rich condiment liberally slathered and mingling with sherry onions and triple-cream brie atop Khora’s delectable Sakura Farms burger. Dubbed “marrownaise” in some culinary circles, the sauce brings to the table a umami flavor that could elevate even the most basic burger.

Creamy Jalapeño

OK, so City Goat’s jalapeño cream sauce isn’t really a sauce at all—it’s actually a cream cheese. But that doesn’t mean you should write off this unlikely burger topper. On the double-stacked “Farmer’s Daughter,” it meshes with the restaurant’s secret signature sauce to create a spicy concoction that’s melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

Mad Sauce

We’re still wondering how on earth Mike could be so mad when he makes a sauce like this (yes, we’re perfectly aware that the Mad in Mad Mike’s stands for “massive and delicious”). The spicy chipotle-mayo-esque creation comes on practically everything at this no-nonsense burger joint, from the “American Outlaw” all the way down to the fried pickles.

Housemade Tartar Sauce

There have to be a hundred or so restaurants that have tried—and in some cases, failed spectacularly—to recreate Frisch’s famous tartar sauce for their own (well-intended) rip-offs of the Big Boy. But somehow, The Gruff gets it right with the tangy housemade blend that crowns “The Gruff Boy,” its very own homage to the classic.

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