Why Rock Climbing Facilities Will Be Your Family’s next Go-to Outing

Kids are reaching new heights on rock climbing walls around town.

Photograph courtesy Jeremy Kramer

If your kids are bouncing off the walls, maybe it’s time to take them to walls sanctioned for scaling—that is, those at a rock climbing facility. The sport, which has become increasingly popular, has no age limit and is excellent for developing motor and social skills. Whether you’re sport climbing (with a harness, ropes, and belayer) or bouldering (free climbing shorter routes), it’ll burn loads of energy.

“In addition to expanding fine motor skills, climbing also plays a big role in how sensory processing is developed,” says Gina Vitucci, occupational therapist and founder of Functional Interplay Therapy. “It’s how we learn about our environment and [interacting with] others.”

The region offers plenty of spots for climbing. Recently opened is Mosaic in Loveland, which is now the largest climbing gym in Ohio. The 20,000-square-foot facility has belay classes, rec and competitive teams, and summer camps for young climbers of all skill levels. Your options don’t stop there: The UC Campus Recreation Center, Climb Time of Blue Ash (opening a second location in Oakley soon), Zip City, RockQuest, and the Blue Ash Recreation Center give your kids a safe environment to climb.

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