What a Good Egg!

Five ways we love the incredible edible egg.

What Chef Owen Maass calls Benedict, we call an indecent proposal: two glistening, perfectly poached eggs atop “smoked pork debris,” with creamed spinach, pork fat bourbon hollandaise, and delicate microgreens. • 3520 Erie Ave., Hyde Park, (513) 871-8714. Brunch Sun 10:30 am–2 pm

Via Vite
Leave it to an Italian to gently scramble eggs with fruity olive oil, fresh spinach, Parmigiano-Reggiano, and shaved truffle. Note: These are not on the menu, but the kitchen is happy to make them on request. • 520 Vine St., downtown, (513) 721-8483. Brunch Sun 10 am–3 pm

Chef Mike Florea gives us a pristine, golden, uncomplicated frittata: a thin, plate-sized disc coiffed in a thimble of olive tapenade, pickled red onions, and arugula. • 3235 Madison Rd., Oakley, (513) 321-9111. Brunch Sat & Sun 11 am–2 pm

The Proud Rooster
Nothing cuts through the aftermath of too much fun like two fried eggs, short order style, liberally salted and peppered with just enough shine that you know salvation is imminent. • 345 Ludlow Ave., Clifton, (513) 281-4965. Mon–Sat 8 am–3 pm, Sun 8 am–2 pm

The Palace
With years of feeding finicky travelers, this hotel kitchen has a knack for getting them right every time, and cheerfully accommodates even the oddest combination. • 601 Vine St., downtown, (513) 381-3000. Breakfast served Mon–Fri 6:30 am–10 am, Sat–Sun 8 am–noon

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