The Fast Five: Knife Sharpening

The Fast Five: Knife Sharpening

So you’ve graduated from a $10 Ikea knife to a spendy Santoku. Regular knife sharpening means you’ll mince more fennel and fewer fingertips. Remember kids: A sharp knife is a safe knife!

1. Cincy Sharp
Professional chef Chris Weist uses Japanese water stones to hand-sharpen in the time honored tradition. He provides a basic sharpening service for $1 an inch, but can also repair broken tips and major chips at $4.50 per knife. In addition, he can convert double-edged blades to single, in either 70/30 or 90/10 configurations at the same price. His work is less a service than a shared labor of love. Weist happily extends an industry discount to his fellow chefs. Turnaround time is generally 24 to 48 hours. Call or text for meet-up or drop-off scheduling. 831 Sunderland Drive, Anderson, (513) 240-8130

2. Sur La Table:
Hyde Park’s favorite culinary supply store not only sells a variety of knives at various price points but also offers an in-house sharpening service priced at $1 an inch, with work completed within 24 hours. But consider yourself warned: Just try getting out the door without buying a gadget or two. 2673 Edmonson Road, Hyde Park, (513) 351-7444

3. Williams Sonoma
As far as incentives go, this gourmet goods chain offers a great deal for new knife sharpening customers: The first blade is free. Additional knives are $5 each, finished within 48 hours. 7875 Montgomery Road, Kenwood Towne Center, (513) 793-3445

4. The Learning Kitchen
This West Chester cooking school and retail shop offers sharpening by a culinary professional. Priced at $1 per inch, service turnaround time is generally 24 to 48 hours. 7659 Cox Lane,West Chester, (513) 847-4474

5. Kramer’s Sew and Vac
Primarily a sewing machine repair shop, Kramer’s also specializes in sharpening sewing scissors and pinking shears. But they’ll gladly put a quick edge on your kitchen knives as well. Knife pricing is $3.75 per, and can usually be completed within 24 hours. 9907 Montgomery Road, Montgomery, (513) 891-5005

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