The Big Dogs of the Cincinnati Coffee Scene

You probably already know (and love) these local coffee titans.

You likely already know (and love) these local coffee titans. Here’s why these coffee big dogs are at the front of the pack.


Collective Espresso

No matter how popular this local outfit gets, it just doesn’t feel like the secret’s gotten out. That’s especially the case at the Northside location, an unassuming, sun-soaked café tucked into an alley off the main drag. Come for the no-frills selection of brews, stay for something even better—an intimate coffee shop experience that’ll have you longing for a simpler time. Multiple locations.

Deeper Roots

Since opening its doors in 2011, Deeper Roots has been on the rise, rapidly becoming a local favorite and expanding its reach from Oakley to OTR, and most recently, downtown. With bright, cozy, plant-filled spaces the atmosphere is just as much of an energy boost as the caffeine itself. Multiple locations.

Coffee Emporium

They’ve got name recognition, spectacular shops, and—let’s face it—some of the best coffee around. The humble shop that first opened in an East Hyde Park Victorian in 1973 (long before the massive OTR location) has cemented itself as a local coffee cornerstone, boasting an impressive selection and an ambiance that’s uniquely Cincinnati. Multiple locations.

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