The Bare Necessi-Cheese

MamaBear’s Mac delivers classic comfort foods with a twist inside the Grainworks Brewing Tap Room.

MamaBear’s Mac recently found a new home inside the Grainworks Brewing Tap Room, and more space means more on the menu. You’ll find a bruschetta flatbread, Cuban sandwiches, burgers, and, on Wednesdays and Football Sundays, chicken wings. But the star of the show is still the macaroni and cheese.

Photograph by Hailey Bollinger

Hungry for variety? Try the Mac Flight with all four of the signature flavors that have made this food truck so popular. They arrive lined up in an Instagram-worthy display with seasoning that’s more than garnish deep. The Vermont Cheddar (sharp Cabot Vermont cheddar and seasoned breadcrumbs) is for fans of the classics, serving up cozy, savory memories only a great cheese can deliver. The Loaded Baked Potato Mac (cheddar, bacon, sour cream, green onions, and a secret ingredient) is worthy of the spud. The secret ingredient gives it extra oomph, enhancing the taste of the bacon bits and creamy cheddar. The Buffalo Mac (chicken, cheddar, mild wing sauce, and a ranch drizzle) has chicken in every mouthful and enough heat to make your reach for a Grainworks beer. Finally, the Smokey Bear Mac (smoked cheddar, smoked pulled pork, pickled onions, BBQ sauce, and Grippo’s Bar-B-Q chips) tastes like an entire barbecue. It’s smoky sweet with pork so tender it melts in your mouth, and the chips add a crunchy texture for variety. What better way to soak up that beer?

MamaBear’s Mac, 7790 Service Center Dr., West Chester, (513) 480-2337

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