Tasty Treats for World Chocolate Day

These five local candy shops are too sweet to miss out on, whether you’re looking for truffles, vegan chocolates, opera creams, pecan caramel turtles, and bourbon-infused bars.

World Chocolate Day has arrived, so make sure to not pass it up or you’ll be in truffle. (Yes, we did go there. No, we’re not sorry.)

JULY 2021

Photograph provided by Ruby’s Chocolates

Maverick Chocolate Co.
The folks at Maverick Chocolate Co. are willing to travel the globe to creating great chocolate. Cofounder Paul Picton, a former aviation engineer, explores the world for high-quality coco beans for his chocolate bars. Lately, Maverick Chocolate Co.’s most popular product has been the Prohibition Bar, made of dark milk chocolate infused with Kentucky bourbon and a hint of sea salt. 129 W. Elder St., Over-the-Rhine, (513) 381-0561; 2651 Edmondson Rd., Norwood, (513) 834-8369

Ruby’s Chocolates
While spending countless hours in the kitchen making handmade treats, Ruby’s Chocolates owner Melinda Mueller savors every moment. You can taste her creative passion in every item she makes, especially the shop’s popular truffle cakes (available in milk, white, or dark chocolate). Ruby’s offers more than a dozen truffle cake flavors to choose from, including black raspberry cheesecake, maple bacon, sea salt caramel, and chocolate chip cookie dough. 3923 Isabella Ave., Oakley, (513) 873-7992; 6741 Gilmore Rd., Suite D, Hamilton, (513) 824-5416

Fawn Candy Co.
The Fawn Candy family business has been making sweets since 1946, all the old-fashioned way—over an open fire in a copper kettle. Serving fresh batches daily, the shop offers a variety of homemade treats, the most popular of which are the pecan caramel turtles, made of pecan clusters, caramel, and chocolate. 4271 Harrison Ave., Cheviot (513)-574-9612; 2692 Madison Rd., Norwood, (513) 351-4191

JULY 2021

Photograph provided by Chocolats Latour

Chocolats Latour
At Chocolats Latour, you’ll love the vibrant hand-painted truffles with ganache, nuts, caramels or fruits. In addition to intricately painted truffles, Latour offers chocolate bars in 15 different flavors. And if you are vegan or have certain allergy restrictions, be sure to take a look at their newest line of vegan chocolate bars. 4037 Hamilton Ave., Northside, (513) 591-0085

Schneider’s Sweet Shop
For more than eight decades, this family business has used the exact same recipe and equipment to create all of its sweet treats. You can choose from a variety of homemade candies (chocolates, truffles, caramels, fudges) and, of course, the shop’s top seller, the opera cream. According to the owner Jack Schneider, there are two reasons the treat made of cream and granulated sugar covered in milk or dark chocolate is so popular: 1) it can only be found in the tri-state and 2) “because it’s good.” 420 Fairfield Ave., Bellevue, (859) 431-3545

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