Take This Quiz to Test Your Knowledge of Cincinnati’s Brewery History


The beers may be new, but the buildings occupied by many of your favorite breweries are not. Can you suss out each structure’s original use? Take our quiz below to test your knowledge of Cincinnati’s brewery history.

Illustration by Emi Villavicencio

1. Alexandria Brewing Company
2. Bad Tom Smith Brewing
3. Dead Low Brewing
4. HighGrain Brewing Co.
5. Nine Giant Brewing
6. Samuel Adams Tap Room
7. Taft’s Brewpourium Cincinnati
8. Wiedemann’s Fine Beer
9. Woodburn Brewery
10 Wooden Cask Brewing Company





Once Was
A. Imwalle Memorial Funeral Home
B. Procter & Gamble Mitchell Lab, a laboratory and testing facility
C. Kern Bros. Bowling Alley, Newport Yellow Cab Co., punk hangout The Jockey Club
D. A film warehouse for the motion picture industry
E. The Myrtle theater, florist shop, bank branch, dry cleaner
F. Jeff Wyler auto dealership
G. Silverton Municipal Building
H. Fifth Third Bank branch
I. A variety of retail tenants; most recently, The Earth Collectible Toy Mall
J. Rivergalley, Shanty’s Steak & Fish, A Touch of Elegance event center


Answers: 1.F, 2.H, 3.J, 4.G, 5.I, 6.D, 7.B, 8.A, 9.E, 10.C

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