Style Counsel: Andrea Sabugo’s Photography Helps Shape Her Style


Occupation: Fashion photographer
Style: Ever-evolving but always fun

Photograph by Aaron M. Conway

What accessories could you not live without?
Huge earrings, for sure. I also always buy really fun, funky boots. I recently bought a pair of awesome red patent leather-y boots—they’re ridiculous.

You balance proportions really well. Do you have an outfit creation formula?
It depends. [When I bought those red boots], for a month I was like, What do I wear with these? Usually I have one thing that I’ve seen somewhere or have in my head what it’s supposed to look like, and then kind of build around that. My mom always taught me that if you have something that is really oversized on the top, try to figure it out on the bottom. Or vice versa. Unless you’re a Kardashian and can wear head-to-toe latex or whatever you want.

Does photography influence your style?
Definitely. When I’m shooting for Sloane Boutique or anyone who brings in a wardrobe, I’ll look at what they put together and be like, That’s really cool—I want that. It makes me more aware of what’s “in.”

You regularly visit extended family in Mexico. Does Hispanic culture influence your photography and style?
Yes, I just went there this past summer! [Mexico has] a lot of really amazing photographers and designers I had never heard of. When it comes to fashion and fashion photography there, it’s very Vogue—very put-together, over-the-top, and beautiful. I like to take some of that and try to push the envelope a little bit up here.

What’s key for someone trying to refine their style?
It’s fine if it constantly changes. If you decide next week that you want to change, then that’s cool—you can totally do that. It’s just about having fun.

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