Rosie’s Cocktails & Pies Is a Pop-Art Pizza Paradise

This downtown spot offers Jersey-style pizza, sandwiches, salads, gelato, and plenty of clever cocktails to wash it all down.

Photograph by Andrew Doench

Editor’s Note: Rosie’s Cocktails & Pies has rebranded as Rosie’s Italian with a new menu of Italian offerings and still serves some of the favorite Jersey-style pies.

Equipped with clever cocktails and a healthy amount of truffle oil, Rosie’s Cocktails & Pies offers Jersey-style pizza, sandwiches, salads, gelato, and plenty of drinks to wash it all down. With color-block panels hanging overhead and a neon crown glowing by the bar, the space is bright and colorful, but it all pales in comparison to the food.

Photograph by Andrew Doench

Flavors bonded in holy mozzarella, the classic Margherita (tomato, basil, parmesan, and fresh mozz) is ideal comfort pizza. The mushroom pizza starts strong: Mushrooms get the love and attention they deserve, with a generous serving of truffle oil before they join the pizza’s garlic sauce and fresh mozzarella.

All of the cocktails rock names inspired by pop tunes and tongue-in-cheek sass. The Matcha Man (Irish whiskey, Drambuie, honey, matcha, lemon, avocado, and coconut) cuts through the pizza grease, delivering enough of a punch to prove it means business. Be sure to finish it to the very last sip; it’s totally worth it when you stir in the thyme garnish. If you like your humor a shade darker, Crash Into Me (gin, yellow chartreuse, rosemary, and lemon) is named in “honor” of the drunk driver who tried turning Rosie’s into a drive-thru last spring, prompting the eatery’s renovation and reopening.

Fantastic thin-crust pizza is underrepresented around here, so falling in love with Rosie’s offerings is easy. Also, the restaurant is open for brunch—the perfect excuse to have pizza for breakfast.

Rosie’s Cocktails & Pies, 300 E. Seventh St., downtown, (513) 381-1243

Photograph by Andrew Doench

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