New Holiday Cocktails Have Arrived at the Overlook Lodge

Miracle and Sippin’ Santa have made their spirited return to Cincinnati.
Photograph courtesy of Sippin’ Santa.

Miracle and Sippin’ Santa have set up shop in Cincinnati this year to bring the city a new variety of unique and fresh holiday-themed cocktails.

The event, which will take place at The Shining-themed Overlook Lodge on Montgomery Road, features themed cocktails, shots, and an immersive holiday oasis for the full Christmas experience.

Eleven unique cocktails are on the menu, served in kitschy, holiday-themed glasses. You can ring in the holiday season with drinks like The Christmas Cricket (blano tequila, vanilla liquor, minty amaro, coco pandan, cream, mole bitters, dark chocolate) and crowd favorite Elfing Around (prosecco, gin, mulled wine reduction, grapefruit shrub, aromatic and orange bitters). There’s no doubt that there’s something for everyone.

Christmas Cricket, courtesy of Miracle.

The international sensation began in 2014 when founder Greg Boehm converted his New York bar Mace into a holiday oasis for the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The idea gained immediate attention from customers and soon led others around the globe to reach out to recreate the winter wonderland in their own bars. So Boehm teamed up with Joann Spiegel, the mastermind behind the cocktail recipes, and got to work.

Boehm and Spiegel began working on the expansion of their vision, mapping out the U.S. and spreading their success story among their industry friends. Soon after, Miracle was born.

“The main motivation behind it all was helping other locations across the country and world to experience what we had in our home market,” says Spiegel. “If Miracle was such a success story for us, imagine what it could do for others.”

And success is an understatement. With almost 200 participating locations in all corners of the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia, and Central America, Miracle and Sippin’ Santa have now become a staple to the holiday season.

And according to Spiegel, the hard work was well worth the feedback from everyone involved with Miracle and Sippin’ Santa. “Just getting the feedback from people that work at these partner locations and how these pop-ups have impacted their lives, staff’s lives, and even local communities,” he says. “From meeting spouses, paying off student loans, mortgages, or just helping to keep the lights on, it really is all part of the magic.”

Miracle and Sippin’ Santa will be open at The Overlook Lodge through Christmas Day. Tickets can be purchased online at to reserve a one-hour time slot, a welcome shot, and two festive cocktails.

The Overlook Lodge, 6083 Montgomery Rd., Pleasant Ridge, (513) 351-0035

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