Morgan A. Owens Stays True to Her Style and Means Business

Timeless staples, a bright lip, and being authentically herself is how this creative entrepreneur defines her #girlboss style.

Occupation: Creative entrepreneur, speaker, author
Style: Affordable #girlboss business wear

Photography by Aaron M. Conway

What inspires your style?

I feel as women in business, in corporate, or entrepreneurship, we often find that we have to downplay our look and style in order to be taken seriously, and I wanted to combat that stereotype. We can change our hairstyles, go with a bright pink lip, or wear orange heels and still get the job done. I wore a leopard-print dress to an awards ceremony and everyone loved it because I stayed true to my style.

Photography by Aaron M. Conway

How do you keep your style budget-friendly?

Your biggest friend is going to be seasonal sales. If it’s a timeless staple piece, it’s never out of season. You can always find good discounts, especially over the holidays. Even these big designer stores have outlet stores now. Or look at the thrift store; you have to dedicate time to search, but that would also be an option.

What staple pieces should every businesswoman own?
Always a power suit. It doesn’t have to be a black suit. I have suits of all colors: pink, blue, purple. I also have a signature coat, whether it be a trench coat or a good peacoat, and always have a great nude pump and black pump.
What advice would you give to other professional women who want to embrace fashion in the corporate world?

Be your authentic self. I think so many people want to copy other people’s style, but ultimately you have to do what feels good for you because how you show up and how you look is your personal brand and branding means everything. So whatever your style is, just be confident, don’t worry about what other people have to say about it, and be authentically you.

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