Model Mom Laura Cianciolo Means Business

The Kentucky native got her start on America’s Next Top Model, and now she’s teaching her daughter the value of hard work.

You might recognize Laura Cianciolo (née Kirkpatrick) from her successful stint on America’s Next Top Model, where the Kentucky native’s charming accent and bubbly personality earned her the title of both runner-up and fan favorite. Today, Cianciolo balances an active modeling career, several small businesses, and life as a single mother.

Photograph by Aaron M. Conway

What’s your go-to “off-duty model look?”

A simple sundress and boots or sneakers. It’s comfy, I still feel sexy, but I also can move. As a mother and a business owner, being able to move is so important.

When you first announced your pregnancy, so many people warned you that you wouldn’t have the time or energy to keep modeling. How did you find balance?

From the moment I found out I was pregnant, I was a single mom with no extra financial help, and I had just started a new business. I wanted more for my daughter and myself. I just didn’t believe that being a mother meant giving up my own identity.

How did growing up on a farm influence the woman you are today?

You learn to work very hard. Now, working toward my dreams, it’s ingrained in me to work hard and be humble—and that’s something I hope to teach my daughter, because that’s one thing that got me where I am today!

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