Mama’s Mornings Bakes up Traditional Italian-Style Doughnuts

Make a cheat day out of the bomboloni at this Covington spot.

Photograph by Lance Adkins

Depending on your Italian translation, a bomboloni could be called bomboloni for two very different reasons. Some say the name refers to the shape of this traditional Italian doughnut, which looks a bit like a bomb. Others believe the dessert is so rich, you may as well be bombing your diet. We’re not taking sides. But we’d absolutely make a cheat day out of the bomboloni at Mama’s Mornings, the weekends-only bakery in MainStrasse. A constantly changing menu gives pastry chef Chase Maus (formerly of Covington’s Rose & Mary Bakery) plenty of time and creative freedom to brainstorm new fillings. Our favorite? November’s cannoli-style doughnut, generously stuffed with sweet cream filling. Calorie bomb or not, we’re all in on this Italian import.

Mama’s Mornings, 621 Main St., Covington, (859) 360-6051

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