Levi Antoine Brings A Sense of Fantasy to Her Fashion

This musician and model talks about the intersections of her fashion sense and musical persona.


OCCUPATION: Full-time musician (under the name sappha) and model

STYLE: Elegant and flowy—mixed with streetwear

What role does fashion play in your life?

Fashion helps me to boost my self-confidence and to feel like I’m taking on personas that I might not otherwise feel comfortable settling into. Especially on stage, I really like getting into different fantasy roles and imagining that I’m someone else.

Is what you wear on stage different from your day-to-day?

I think I make bolder choices on stage. I’ve also been looking at more comfortable outfits so I can just dance and move a little more comfortably. I just copped a really cool T-shirt that was designed by this artist called Lizardsalt [who] does their own screen printing. [The shirt has] weird electronic music production symbols on it, and I was like, “That’s gonna let people know what they’re in for at a sappha show.”


Tell me about your modeling experience.

Over the summer, Cincinnati had its very first fashion week, modeled after New York Fashion Week. A rapper I follow named Turich Benjy was advertising about auditions, and he was going to be a designer for the show as well. I just went to the open auditions and had no idea what to expect, but I got in the show. I definitely built a lot of confidence doing that. That really kickstarted my entry into modeling. There’s been a really big underground fashion scene blossoming here, which has been so wild to see.

Do you have a fashion background?

My mom was a model growing up, and she did a lot of fashion modeling and traveled all around the world. I’m super grateful that are so many people in the community who are just inviting people on to other opportunities. I never really knew that fashion modeling would be an option for me at this level, especially locally.

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