It’s A Wrap

Al-Madina on Corry Street serves up fresh Lebanese cuisine and a mean chicken shawarma sandwich.

Photograph by Hatsue

At the corner of Corry Street and Short Vine lies the hidden gem Al-Madina Market & Grill, a Middle Eastern grocery store offering fresh Lebanese cuisine cafeteria style. The renowned chicken shawarma sandwich—more of a wrap, really—comes on housemade grilled pita with heaps of roasted chicken, seasoned with herbs, carved from a giant rotating cylinder. Ask for everything on it to top it with cool lettuce, diced tomato, a bit of parsley, and a generous squirt of creamy yogurt sauce. You can (and should) add falafel for added crunch and flavor, and order it spicy for an ardent but manageable heat. This portable pouch of goodness is perfect for a pre-concert feast or a quick and tasty lunch.

Al-Madina Market & Grill, 6 W. Corry St., Corryville, (513) 873-5030

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