How You Like: Every Pizza Style Around Town

Which pizza style is your favorite?

Everyone has their favorite pizza style. What’s yours?



New York: Features a thin crust complete with bubbly mozzarella and various toppings nearly reaching the edge of the pie, which is typically 18 inches or more. Sold whole or by the (generous) slice.

Sicilian: This square-shaped pie spends extra time rising to achieve its chewy-yet-airy texture before getting topped with cheese then sauce.

Roman: Cooked in a rectangular shape with thin crust, this one contains lots of sauce and minimal cheese.

Chicago (deep dish): Pie crust filled with alternating cheese and toppings, and topped with crushed tomatoes.

Neapolitan: Cooked for 60 to 90 seconds at high temperatures after the dough is kneaded for even baking. Signature wood-burning oven char.

St. Louis: Cracker-thin crust topped with sweet sauce and Provel cheese, then cut into squares.

Detroit: Thick crust baked on an oil coated steel pan until the mass amounts of cheese caramelize over the pan’s sides, ensuring a crispy, nearly burnt texture.

Greek: Originating from New England, it’s known for its extra olive oil in the dough, which creates a thin and floppy.

California: Daring, bizarre ingredients find their place atop New York style crust in this laid-back style.

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