Foxy Shazam Frontman Eric Nally Struts His Stuff

The lead singer of the alt-rock group from Cincinnati says confidence is the key to his fashion.

Photograph by Devyn Glista

OCCUPATION: Lead singer of Foxy Shazam

STYLE: “It’s a confidence thing.”

What’s the connection between fashion and music and fashion and performing? Does one inform the other?

I like to feel like I look good. It helps me sound good. I remember hearing an interview with Miles Davis, and he said your posture and the way that you look is how you sound. His bass player was standing a certain way, and he’s like, “Look how he’s standing. He sounds like that. He sounds straight up. He sounds like he’s strong, and he sounds like he has blond hair.”

You dress like someone who loves fashion. Or is that something that comes along with the territory of being a musician?

I like aesthetics. I’m a visual person, so sometimes I’ll hear a song, and I’ll be like, “I love this song,” and [then] I’ll see the person who’s performing it. It changes how I hear the song. I really do feel like a lot of my fashion sense comes from thrift stores. In the Midwest, when I was a teenager, that was what I did. My fashion was just waiting for something to catch my eye.

Photograph by Devyn Glista

Do you pick out your own clothes to perform in?

There is one person I’ve called upon in the past to kind of help me pick resources, or help me find things. But it’s always what I was thinking.

Are there any spots in Cincinnati where you love to shop or always find great pieces?

I used to work at St. Vincent de Paul in Milford. Thrift stores are weird because sometimes there’s good stuff, but it’s all perspective. One thing could be weird to me and another thing could be great to someone else. That’s what’s beautiful about it.

What’s the last thing you bought that got you really excited?

I bought this body suit. I wore it on stage, and the thing was skintight, so I was just extremely insecure, but it was a challenge, so I was able to get over that. Because of that, it became my favorite thing.

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