Five Restaurants Where Every Day Is GoettaFest

Get your morning going with these goetta dishes.

If you’ve checked out Glier’s GoettaFest, a local two-weekend celebration of all things goetta, chances are you’re looking to find the dish on your plate again. It’s no secret that the German sausage with blends of pork, beef, oats, onions, and spices is a Cincinnati breakfast staple, and the goetta craze is only growing. Here are five restaurants where you can get your goetta fill all year long.

Photograph by Ryan Kurtz

Taste of Belgium

If you’re looking to taste goetta for the first time, you can’t go wrong with one of Taste of Belgium’s many choices. Goetta is a staple on their menu, most notably in the Goetta Hash – it’s served with sauteed bell peppers and onions over their classic crispy Belgian frites. Try adding the cheddar Mornay sauce for $2 to take this dish to the next level. Also, check out the Nati Crêpe, which contains all the makings of the Goetta Hash minus an extra egg, all housed inside one of the restaurant’s famous, and delicious, fresh crèpes.

Multiple locations.

Sugar n’ Spice Diner

Sugar n’ Spice is not only a communal and intimate breakfast experience to enjoy with loved ones, but the menu is chock-full of memorable morning meals, including goetta. Their huge, fluffy omelets have a Build-Your-Own option, where you can add goetta as your meat choice and pair it with vegetables, cheese, and even tzatziki sauce.

4381 Reading Rd., Norwood. (513) 242-3521

Sleepy Bee Café

There’s no shortage of goetta sandwiches to start your day off right at Sleepy Bee. The Queen City Bee is both sweet and savory, with goetta, apples, arugula, a broken yolk egg, and the restaurant’s signature “nectar” sauce. The Worker Bee is more of a classic, with two eggs of any style and your choice of meat, including goetta or vegan goetta. A vegetable-based dish, Mushrooms Run the World is a sandwich on multigrain bread with vegan goetta, ember mushrooms, arugula, avocado, ginger pickles, and chimichurri.

Multiple locations.

B&A Street Kitchen

The variety of goetta is showcased on B&A’s menu with two different dishes: The appropriately-named Good Morning OTR is a potato hash incorporating your choice of vegan or regular goetta. On the sandwich menu, you’ll find the Goetta Up and Go, in which two house-made goetta patties are paired with eggs, grilled tomatoes and pepper jack, available to be served wrapped or on a biscuit.

1500 Race St., Over-the-Rhine. (513) 345-6670

Hathaway’s Diner

If you’re more of a traditionalist, this one’s for you – for some classic breakfast options with a goetta twist, look no further than this intimate diner. The French Toast or Pancakes can be served with goetta on the side, the simple Eggs and Toast can be paired with goetta, and there’s even a goetta-centric omelet with your choice of breakfast staple inclusions. Additionally, you can add goetta as a side dish to create your own unique pairings with any choice of your favorite breakfast items.

25 W St., downtown. (513) 621-1332

And don’t for-goetta: GoettaFest returns to Newport’s Festival Park at the Levee July 28-31 and August 4-7.

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