Fausto Reopens for Delivery, Takeout, and Private Events

The Contemporary Arts Center-based eatery is gearing up to offer new fall flavors.

The Contemporary Arts Center-based eatery is gearing up to offer new fall flavors.


Fire up those delivery apps, because you can now enjoy the taste of Fausto at home. The farm-to-table eatery has reopened its doors for delivery service and curbside pick-up and will soon be changing over the menu to incorporate local fall ingredients.

“We’re going to start with takeout and see how things go, and then build off of that as we feel necessary,” says Fausto Co-owner Tony Ferrari. “It’s a new lay of the land; we’ve been implementing new procedures, a new pick-up area, and it’s fun to be back in the space again.”

Photograph courtesy of Fausto

Although dining service will remain closed for the time being, there will still be a few tables set up inside and outside of the Contemporary Arts Center space for customers to sit down and enjoy their carryout meals. The restaurant is also open for private reservations and parties, for those who would like to book multi-course tastings with wine pairings, events, or “curated experiences” for both lunch and dinner.

With lingering COVID-19 concerns and winter on the way, Tony says he and his brother and co-owner Austin Ferrari’s primary concern is getting their delivery service running smoothly. “We’re thinking, Let’s just get through winter and focus on getting back open again,” Tony explains. “It’s always easier to add on [services] than it is to take off.”

Although served to-go, Fausto fans will recognize several of the restaurant’s signature dishes and can look forward to more local produce as the season changes. “We don’t really necessarily like to cook beautiful food and then throw it in a box, but we’re still going to have some of the Fausto classics,” Tony says. “We’re still going to continue to cook food that we love and support local farmers and stay on that California-inspired, lighter, healthier side.”

Photograph courtesy of Fausto

A few favorites on the carryout menu, which can be found on their website, include linguine and clams, confit tuna, and the return of the signature roasted chicken. “We’re going to try to take traditional, approachable food and play around with it a little bit—make the menu super fun and tasty,” Tony says. “We’re going to try to make everything as fresh as possible and rotate through different farms.”

Full dining service likely won’t resume until next year, he says, but until then, Tony is excited to offer his customers the next-best thing. “It’s going to feel like Fausto again, just at your house,” he says.

Fausto, 44 E. Sixth St., downtown, (513) 345-2979

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