Explore The Cincinnati Art Museum Art Climb

The Art Climb connects the museum to its neighbors, and reminds us to slow down and take things one step at a time.

Photograph by Sarah McCosham

The Cincinnati Art Museum is iconic. In addition to housing world-renowned works of art and hosting internationally recognized artists, the museum is also incredibly accessible and family friendly. Last spring, the Cincinnati Art Museum took its commitment to community engagement to the next level with the Art Climb.

The Art Climb is a stunning work of art that marries form and function through a nine-story staircase. It’s 164 carefully laid steps that literally link the Cincinnati Art Museum to the community.

Photograph by Sarah McCosham

The Art Climb includes a staircase from the sidewalk at the intersection of Eden Park Drive and Gilbert Avenue and leading all the way up to the front museum entrance. This project connects the Cincinnati Art Museum to its neighbors in a dramatic and meaningful way. (A Cincinnati Metro bus stop is located at the bottom of the staircase.)

Along the way, there are lots of spots to sit and take everything in. The Cincinnati Art Museum took great care to preserve as much of the natural landscape as possible, and the result is a sprawling staircase that seems to rise out of the earth. At the top, there’s a pavilion where you can sit and enjoy breathtaking views of the city. In the last few months, two works from Pyramid Hill’s collection have been installed along the staircase, effectively opening the museum’s art to the community.

And speaking of which, the Cincinnati Art Museum is open, and remains one of our city’s greatest treasures. Admission and parking is always free, and you can reserve a timed slot for your visit at their website.

Photograph by Sarah McCosham

This summer, as we all cautiously reemerge back into the world, the Art Climb is a glorious reminder that we are all connected, and that to move forward, we just need to take one step at a time.

Cincinnati Art Museum, 953 Eden Park Dr., Cincinnati, (513) 721-2787

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