Everything But The House Will Host Its First Virtual Yard Sale in Hyde Park

The Cincinnati-based online consignment store will host a virtual yard sale featuring items from the Hyde Park community October 28 to November 1.

The Cincinnati-based online consignment store will host a virtual yard sale featuring items from the Hyde Park community.


Antique enthusiasts and Cincinnati natives Jacquie Denny and Brian Graves have always been eager to find new ways of bringing secondhand goods to their community. In 2008, the pair launched Everything But The House (EBTH), an online platform intended to transform the experience of estate sales into a virtual one, thus broadening its audience. Now, more than a decade later, EBTH will host its first-ever virtual yard sale.

Image of EBTH Founders Jacquie Denny and Brian Graves

Photograph by Aaron M. Conway

“[Estate sales] are great for pulling together an individual who has a lot of items,” says Michael Palmer, marketing and creative director of EBTH. “But if you take that same concept out to a whole neighborhood where there’s a lot of variety … that would be a cool way of allowing everybody to jump in.”

EBTH is partnering with the Hyde Park community for the virtual yard sale, which will be hosted online from October 28 through November 1. Palmer says the eclectic nature of the Hyde Park area will allow for a diverse selection of extraordinary items for sale.

Throughout the five-day sale, shoppers will have the opportunity to browse highly sought after products, ranging from fashion pieces like handbags and jewelry to home decor items like artwork, lamps, and other collectibles. Plus, items as extravagant as automobiles will be available for purchase. “It’s really the uncommon, is how we like to phrase it,” Palmer says. “It’s the difference between finding the things that have a little bit of something special about them that [sell] the best.”

EBTH will accept product submissions through September 22, and interested buyers will bid on products auction-style with all items starting at $1. Once a purchase has been finalized, sellers and buyers will coordinate delivery and pickup with EBTH staff members. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Palmer says he hopes this way of socially distant yard sale browsing will offer a creative release for the Cincinnati community.

“Everybody’s been home and hunkered down … and starting house projects and redecorating and people are shifting rooms and offices to work virtually,” he says. “So people have things that they’re ready to part ways with and we want to help make sure they can get value for that.”

This practice of re-housing gently used items not only benefits the buyers but the environment as well. Once people no longer have a need for household items like paintings, clothing, and other pieces, those items typically get tossed in the garbage and eventually end up in a landfill. Palmer says he hopes the virtual Hyde Park yard sale will give Cincinnatians an alternative perspective.

“There’s a huge audience of people out there who are looking for those kinds of pieces,” he says. “We appreciate the value of these things, and we have a team of people that love looking at them and reviewing them and helping make sure they find a new place in the world.”

For more information or to submit pieces for the yard sale, contact Tracy Mason at tracy.mason@ebth.com or Betsy Campbell at betsy.campbell@ebth.com.

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