Davis Cookie Collection Will Turn You Into a Cookie Monster

MORTAR graduate Christina Davis bakes up sweet treats worth dreaming about.

Photograph by Aaron M. Conway

Opening the Davis Cookie Collection bakery in Bond Hill has been a dream of Christina Davis’s since she was little. In the early ’70s, her family ran The Club Safari, a Cincinnati jazz and rock venue that served home-cooked meals and hosted live music from the likes of B.B. King and Little Richard. “Hearing all those stories over the years is what inspired me to open a store,” she says. “I felt like if they were successful, I could also do it.” Starting at the MORTAR Entrepreneurship Academy and launching at Findlay Market, Christina and her husband Miles’s Davis Cookie Collection might just be the antidote to the crunchy-versus-soft cookie debate. Whether you prefer your cookies slightly underdone and filled with melt-y goodness or a little on the harder side, providing a satisfying crunch, you’ll get the best of both worlds. With a soft middle and crispy edges in more than 30 flavors, ranging from classic chocolate chip to rich red velvet sprinkle, cookie lovers of all types can rejoice.

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