Cradle Cincinnati Expands Efforts to Reduce Infant Mortality


Illustration by Andrew Colin Beck

Cradle Cincinnati, an organization working to reduce infant mortality, recently received a $1.6 million grant from Bethesda Inc.’s bi3 grant program. The funds will be used to expand Cradle Cincinnati’s efforts to 12 neighborhoods in Hamilton County. They will continue working with mothers-to-be, helping to fulfill their needs, from providing cribs to helping them find housing or employment to connecting them to medical or mental health providers.

It’s especially important to reach mothers-to-be early in their pregnancy, and the grant will allow Cradle Cincinnati to spread more resources throughout the city so they can intervene early for many more women.

Cradle Cincinnati has already made significant strides in Avondale, which went from having one of the highest extreme preterm birth rates in the country to having almost none.

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