Covington’s Braxton Brewing Opens New Brewery and Taproom Location in Pendleton

The new location, formerly the 3 Points Urban Brewery space, will be the first Braxton facility to offer food.

The new location, formerly 3 Points Urban Brewery, will be the first Braxton facility to offer food.


Bringing Covington’s Braxton Brewing Company to Cincinnati was always part of the plan for cofounders Evan and Jake Rouse. Perhaps not during a pandemic, but when the 3 Points Urban Brewery space became available in Pendleton, the brothers knew they had to go for it.

“We’ve always been looking and listening for opportunities to jump into Cincinnati and this one just came up—kind of at a weird time—but, we were like, Let’s do it,” Jake says.

Photograph courtesy of Braxton Brewing Company

Braxton announced that it would take over the vacant space for its first-ever Ohio facility in July. After a two-and-a-half-year search for a Cincinnati location, the Rouse brothers were able to open their new Pendleton brewery and taproom last weekend.

“This one was the right space; the place is gorgeous, the location is great,” says Jake. “I love the Pendleton neighborhood; it reminds me a lot of Covington. So, it’s really great to be able to play a role in it now.”

Photograph courtesy of Braxton Brewing Company

One part of that role, Jake said, was meeting with local residents and business owners about how they could best utilize the space. A Few 3 Points customs, such as the morning coworking function, which Braxton pioneered at their Covington location, will carry on in the new brewery.

“One thing I love about the Pendleton community is everyone’s so welcoming,” Jake says. “I’ve met with everybody down the street. They’ve all been incredibly welcoming and excited about what we’re doing.”

Braxton is also working to offer food at the Pendleton taproom, which will be a first for the brand. Customers will be able to order dishes at the CHX restaurant space next door and then enjoy their meals in the brewery.

“When we took over the location, obviously it had the CHX restaurant next door,” Jake says. “We partnered with the Parlor Group, so they’re putting together some concepts and some brands, and we hope to have it open in the next three to four weeks.”

Photograph courtesy of Braxton Brewing Company

As for new beverages, Braxton introduced its festive seasonal Vive pumpkin spice hard seltzer earlier this month. The Pendleton brewery will begin producing products within the next few weeks, Jake says, as more fall flavors and hearty brews begin to reemerge. “Much like our facility Braxton Labs in Newport, you’re going to see a lot of variety,” he says.

Though opening an establishment under COVID-19 restrictions wasn’t easy, Jake is thrilled to see a long-time dream fulfilled—even if it happened to be during a pandemic. “I’m looking forward to the future when we can really get rocking,” he says. “But for now, it’s been so fun just seeing new faces.”

Braxton Brewing Company, 331 E. 13th St., Pendleton, (513) 918-4804

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