Cincinnati Needs One of These Parent-Focused Co-Working Spaces

These six spots across the country are designed to support parents by providing spaces for wellness and co-working.

Whether you’re East Coast, West Coast, or somewhere in between, spaces for wellness and co-working are popping up all over the country to nurture and support moms (and dads!) in all sorts of ways. Here are six of our favorites from across the U.S.


Photograph courtesy of Brella

Brella, California

Full-service child care—age-based classes and activities, meals, and diapers included—for littles 3 months to 6 years old is the main attraction at Brella in Los Angeles. Parents can use a family room, and conference rooms and private desks are available for rent, too. Or sign up for a class such as parent-child yoga or navigating picky eaters. The bright space is open daily, and no membership is required: Just book as needed through the app.

Modern Milk, Arizona

Founded by a lactation consultant, Modern Milk offers plenty of breastfeeding support and pump rentals at its two locations near Phoenix. But there’s also a bevy of fitness classes—yoga, boot camps, and dance-inspired HIIT, to name a few—and educational offerings, such as “Happy Mom School,” an eight-week series to help new moms with their adjustment, or “The Dad Class” to cover the basics for fathers-to-be.

Kith + Kin

Photograph courtesy of Kith + Kin

Kith + Kin, Pennsylvania

The charming, bright 3,000-square-foot play space at Kith + Kin in Philadelphia encourages “open-ended, meaningful play” for children up to age 5. Find a host of classes for you or your little one (Potty Training 101 is even offered for parents needing guidance), and enjoy workshops and chats with experts. Little one kept you up all night? Sign up for a sleep workshop—and then grab a strong coffee at the on-site cafe.

Honey, Michigan

“Working moms” might sound a little redundant, but however they work, Honey wants to be there for them in Detroit with an extensive lineup of parental support and mental health services. (Think sleep consultations, motherhood groups, or individual therapy sessions.) Four-hour coworking and child care packages encourage “rhythm, ritual and routine.” And, of course, booking a massage there encourages relaxation, too.

Big and Tiny

Photograph courtesy of Big and Tiny

Big and Tiny, California

This chic studio in Southern California touts two locations for work and play, in Los Angeles and Santa Monica. Youngsters 3 months to 6 years old at Big and Tiny can enjoy music and art camps or enrichment classes such as “Baby Bootcamp” and “Preschool Prep” while parents work or enjoy luxe amenities, including Peloton bikes, a music studio, and a meditation pod. Retail pop-ups, workshops, and speaker series are also offered.

Meraki Mama Collective, Georgia

Fitness and wellness for moms—before and after baby—takes front stage at Meraki Mama Collective in Atlanta. Yoga, Pilates, and barre are all on tap, to name a few. Feeling empowered to grow and teach others? Sign up to take a prenatal yoga certification class. Meraki Mama also offers a doula directory and birth classes. There are even breast-feeding support groups geared toward working families.

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