Cincinnati-Made Cicada Merchandise Is the Latest Buzz

Commemorate Brood X with merchandise crafted by local artisans.

The emergence of billions of cicadas may be a nuisance to some, but to others, witnessing them is a rare, awe-inspiring experience that deserves to be celebrated. And Cincinnati creatives are embracing the arrival of Brood X with commemorative merchandise. From comical cicada-inspired T-shirts to decadent cicada-inspired desserts, these bugs aren’t only invading our yards—they’re also taking over Cincinnati businesses.

Cicada Clothing

Cincy Shirts is a one-stop clothing shop for all things Cincinnati, so it’s no surprise the business is embracing Cincinnati’s cicada pride by releasing Brood X-inspired shirts that’ll have you laughing. Longtime Cincinnatians may also recognize the Snappy Cicada Pizza T-shirt, which commemorates the 1987 jingle released by Snappy Tomato Pizza, which is also participating in the cicada celebration by partnering with The Christ Hospital in Mt. Auburn and Liberty Township to gift every baby born during the emergence with a limited-edition cicada onesie. Parents will also receive a coupon for a free pizza—cicadas not included.

Photograph courtesy Snappy Tomato Pizza

Cicada Toys

You may wonder who in their right mind would want to cuddle with a cicada, but the Brood X stuffed animal by The Happy Groundhog Studio might just change your mind. The handmade plushie is crafted from up-cycled fabrics and adorned with the studio’s signature belly pocket. And just when you thought cicadas couldn’t get any cuter, check out the adorable Cecil Cicada, which is made to order by Fuzzy Cactus Felting Co. It might just convince you that even these icky insects can make cute, cuddly companions.

Cicada Desserts

Bakeries from all over Cincinnati are paying homage to Brood X with cicada-themed treats, but fear not—no real cicadas are involved in the ones listed here. We promise. The BonBonerie has created a colorful cookie decorated with a cicada constructed of frosting, and over at Graeter’s you’ll find mini cicada-shaped fudge cakes. For chocolate-dipped Oreos, Nutter Butters, and graham crackers, check out Annie’s Homemade Sweets, which illustrates a chocolate cicada atop each candy. These cicada treats have been (ahem) flying off the shelves, so place an order ahead of time so you don’t miss out on these delectable bug-eyed desserts.

Cicada Pottery

Deck out your house with some beautiful handmade cicada-inspired ceramics. SKT Ceramics is accepting online orders for made-to-order cicada-themed cups, bowls, plates, and vases. Personalize your cicada design by choosing between an open or closed-winged cicada. And if you’d prefer, your cicada’s eyes can be a brownish black or hand-painted a realistic red. Gardenhouse Pottery is also making mugs, plates, ornaments, and bowls, all intricately decorated with cicadas and nature-inspired patterns.

Cicada Jewelry

Mirabellaz Menagerie has immortalized Brood X with jewelry that displays actual cicada remains. This home-based business, known for its spooky aesthetic, boasts a wide-ranging selection of elegant antique chains holding cicada shells encased in crystal-clear resin. If adorning yourself with real cicadas isn’t up your alley, try Lynne & Lucille, where the laser-cut acrylic earrings are inspired by the labyrinthine pattern of the cicada’s wings. These ornate earrings come in two colors: a clear blue-green or a reflective iridescent.

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