Challah Calling: A Taste of the Mediterranean on Montgomery

Enjoy international and American brunch specialties at Café Alma, a unique and delicious eatery featuring food that nourishes the soul.

Café Alma specializes in Israeli and Mediterranean breakfast fare that nourishes both body and soul. The menu includes regional specialties like sabikh and tabbouleh, but also waffles, pancakes, and French toast with flavorful twists.

Photograph by Andrew Doench

Alma’s Classic Shakshuka serves up two poached eggs in a traditional, tomato-based sauce. If you’ve never had a shakshuka, imagine a cross between chunky marinara and a rich tomato soup. Red peppers and other vegetables add complexity to the base, and there’s just enough sauce to balance the eggs for a savory, satisfying meal. The house-made challah roll—crunchy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, and perfect for tearing into bite-size portions—sops up any leftovers beautifully. Presentation gets a gold star: the shakshuka comes in a little cast iron skillet, sharing a wooden serving board with the warm roll.

Photograph by Andrew Doench

A full coffee bar, craft cocktails, hot tea, kombucha, and a plethora of specialty Mediterranean drinks transform lunchtime into a choose-your-own-adventure story. The Molly Malone, named after the building’s former tenant, is a classic Irish coffee made with cane sugar and whiskey. It offers a strong, sweet launch into the afternoon, but if you want to keep things calm, a cup of authentic Turkish tea finishes off any meal with the perfect hint of warm spice.

Enjoy brunch al fresco in either of the café’s two outdoor dining areas. If dining indoors, make sure to check out the swing seat and low Turkish couch near the coffee bar for charming breaks from the ordinary.

Café Alma, 6111 Montgomery Rd., Pleasant Ridge, (513) 620-8526

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