The Body Bakery & Co. Makes Healthy Sweets That Actually Taste Good

Personal trainer Rebecca Ward started The Body Bakery & Co. to make desserts that taste like desserts without refined sugar—really.

Photograph by Aaron M. Conway

What do you get when you cross a home baker with a bodybuilder? A line of treats without refined sugar or other unhealthy ingredients that—wait for it—actually taste good. Personal trainer Rebecca Ward founded The Body Bakery & Co. after she started bodybuilding and found that most healthy “desserts” didn’t make the grade, flavor-wise. And she’s serious about getting it right. “I will not put a product out there just because it hits macros,” she says. (For the uninitiated, “macros” are the macronutrients that make up a food’s calories: fat, carbs, and protein.) “When I say ‘double chocolate chip muffin,’ it has to feel like a double chocolate chip muffin. It has to smell like it and it has to taste like it,” Ward says. “I can’t call it a muffin and have it be chalky or dry.” Ward creates cheesecake, buckeyes, and other desserts from natural ingredients like apples, sweet potatoes, and oats, and then tests and retests them to make sure they’re worth the calories.

Available at GNC, Better Blend, and other health food retail locations

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