Boca Restaurant Group Launches A Delivery Service for At-Home Meal Prep

Chef David Falk, founder of Boca, Nada, and Sotto, debuts a new delivery service that lets families bake restaurant-quality meals at home.

Cincinnati chef and restaurateur David Falk recently unveiled a new delivery service, Domo (Latin for “at home”), from his Boca Restaurant Group that provides families with restaurant-quality meals from the safety and comfort of their homes.

Photograph courtesy of Domo

Falk began developing the concept following the initial lockdown of restaurants in the spring due to the coronavirus pandemic. He realized he needed a way to keep his team and his customer base intact despite restrictions to his restaurants: Boca, Nada, and Sotto.

“If people [weren’t] going to be eating in our home,” Falk says during an introductory video, “we’d better figure out how to feed them in theirs.”

Photograph courtesy of Chrissy Heiert

Each Domo dish is about 95 percent prepared, leaving the last 5 percent, usually an oven-bake and assembly, for at-home preparation, and cook times range from 10 minutes to an hour. The service currently delivers meals to homes within a 15-mile radius of downtown.

Domo offers three different types of meals: Weekday 911, Weekend Throwdown, and Sunday Supper. The Weekday 911 menu changes on a weekly basis, and the Weekend Throwdown menu changes seasonally, but the Sunday Supper—featuring the Sotto lasagna—is a staple, inspired by the Sunday lasagnas Falk ate as a child.

During the week of August 31, the Weekday 911 dish is chicken enchiladas. The seasonal Weekend Throwdown menu includes grouper en papillote, bo ssam (Korean roasted pork), chickpea and vegetable curry, and cannelloni al formaggi. Each meal is individually priced, with options for dessert at an additional cost, and serves four adults. BRG has created a Vimeo channel for an in-depth look at some of these dishes.

To reserve a meal and delivery slot, and for advance notice on new menu items, add your name to the Domo mailing list by contacting

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