Add Style to Your Child’s Playroom with This Locally Owned Toy Store

Styled by Mama carries unique, modern toys like wooden playsets and model airplanes.

Photograph courtesy Lance Adkins

You won’t find typical toys at this new Over-the-Rhine store. Founded by mother-daughter duo Nancy Hyle and Katie Hyle Bungeroth, Styled by Mama stocks playthings that actually look beautiful in your living room: modern, aesthetically pleasing, and educational. Think custom wooden kitchens, Blockitechture park sets, stuffed animals, and books—you won’t find noisy, plastic electronics or cheap plastic play sets. The Parisian-style shop also carries practical goods, like burp cloths, swaddles, teethers, and more. The best part? Here, shopping for toys is an experience you (and your kids!) can enjoy over again, because there’s no sensory overload. Over-the- Rhine,


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