A Local Mom Breaks Gender Barriers One T-Shirt at a Time

The Girl Republic is built on offering more than just princesses.

Photograph courtesy The Girl Republic

When owner Andrea Minnillo went shopping for her two girls, it was impossible to dress them in sporty gear. Everything was princess-themed. When her son was born, finding a sports or action-themed T-shirt was an easy feat.

“We’re in a different era than my parents’ generation [and] I just thought it was ridiculous,” says Minnillo. “My girls were into sports, they don’t like to sit around and act like a princess. So I decided to start my own clothing line.” The Girl Republic is centered around breaking gender barriers with infant to adult-sized clothing items, each with a sports theme or empowering phrase.

“In terms of women empowerment and walking the walk, my two daughters are completely involved in my business,” says Minnillo. “That to me makes it worth it.”

You can find Girl Republic items at local events such as The City Flea or online at thegirlrepublic.com.

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