Top Five Under-the-Radar Events: Sept 3-9


1. Scope Out 2012
Where better to explore telescopes than the Cincinnati Observatory Scope Out 2012 festival? Check out astronomical equipment, educational classes, crafts, safe sun viewing, spacey artifacts (meteorites!), door prizes, and even a swap table. And the event runs long after dark to allow for lots of stargazing. Sept 8 from noon–11 p.m., $7 regular admission ($5 for kids); $20 includes lecture and dinner (6­–7 p.m., reservations recommended); $5 admission for telescope viewing from 9–11 p.m.

2. Color Now! Modern and Contemporary Colorists in Cincinnati
O’Bryonville’s Phyllis Weston Gallery presents Color Now!, an exhibition of local color-centric artists such as Diana Duncan Holmes, Merritt Johnson, and Max Unterhaslberger (plus well known modernist artists like Harry Reisiger). Thru Sept 7,

3. Antiques and Crafts Show in New Richmond
This free antique, crafts, and history exhibition is presented by the Historic New Richmond society and celebrates the area’s rivertown charm. Visit antique dealers and artists, tour the historic 1850s-era Gowdy House, and take a guided tour of the “Freedom Trail Village.” Sept 9,

4. Betts Longworth Historic District Walking Tour at The Betts House
At 208 years old, The Betts House is Ohio’s oldest brick house still on its original site. When the two-story home was built in 1804, the area surrounding it was farmland. Now it is planted squarely in a neighborhood that is rich with architectural history. Architreks/Cincinnati-Walks presents a 90-minute guided tour of The Betts Longworth Historic District that explains the unique stories behind the area’s 19th-century structures. September 8, $10 admission (includes Betts House), reservations not required.

5. Modern Marbles 2012
One of the city’s best craft galleries, indigenous, presents Modern Marbles 2012, an exhibit showing off the shop’s collection of hot-glass artist works. There’s more to marbles than playground games, and you’ll find a huge variety of designs, sizes, and types at this unique showcase.

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