Top 5 Cincinnati-Based Mobile Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier


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When it comes to developing software, Cincinnati isn’t the first city that comes to mind. Think again, because Cincinnati’s startup scene is thriving with local incubators like Cintrifuse, CincyTech, and The Brandery, which support countless companies creating mobile applications offering tech-based solutions for your day-to-day routine. Here are five of our favorites.

1. Training a dog can be a tough process, especially without the help of a professional. Harper is a subscription service designed to enhance your relationship with your dog with games and training exercises. It was designed around the idea that training a dog can’t be done all at once but rather through consistency over a long period of time. The courses and games were created in collaboration with certified dog trainers, keeping the idea of positive reinforcement in mind.

 2. Chances are that you don’t wear most of the outfits you have in your closet. Cladwell promises to clear that clutter. It’s an app that lets you log your clothes and then provides daily recommendations on what to wear based on the weather, occasion, and style. The service even gives an analysis of your style based on the clothing you have and suggests what you should buy to complete your personal look.

3. Roadtrippers makes planning a road trip seem like a piece of cake. Just type in your destination and the app will highlight popular stops along the way. It also calculates travel times, gas prices, and hotels along your route. The Roadtrippers team even cultivated handy travel guides, in case you want a handpicked list of restaurants and attractions to visit in a specific city or region.

4. Combining the simplicity of ride-sharing apps with the need of fast, reliable shipping, Frayt is an easy way to deliver items with the help of professionally-screened drivers. Enter the pick-up and drop-off locations and the app will match you with someone that will handle the rest.

5. Founded in 2007, Everything But The House makes downsizing easier for homeowners and cultivates the discovery of interesting items for customers. Unlike other online auction sites, the company’s employees list items for the sellers. Plus, the service’s high-quality photos and easy-to-grasp layout make browsing simple. All items start at $1 and last for seven days, so it’s possible to snag incredible deals.

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