Top 5 Ways to Avoid Hitting a Streetcar

Top 5 Ways to Avoid Hitting a Streetcar

Photo: Staff

Cincinnati’s ballyhooed streetcar makes its long awaited debut on Friday, September 9 at noon. But two collisions during the testing phase (one with a motorist at Third and Main, the other with a pickup truck at Walnut and Fifth), suggest that downtown drivers could use a safety primer on sharing the roads with 40 tons of electrified locomotion:

1. You can drive along streetcar tracks, but stay out of streetcar-only lanes; these are marked with posted signs and white diagonal stripes on the roadway.

2. Streetcars can’t stop quickly, so don’t cut one off to make a turn.

3. Sometimes a streetcar may move ahead of traffic at a stoplight. Obey your traffic signals and lane markings.

4. When parking on the street, make sure your entire vehicle (side mirrors too, people!) is within the white line.

5. For more information about how to drive, bike, and walk safely with the streetcar, check out these city-produced safety videos:

They’re short and sweet, and we think it’s pretty funny that the bearded ginger always gets into trouble.

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