Top 5 Unique Valentine’s Day Dates

A fancy dinner out is a solid Valentine’s Day date. But if you’re going for something a little more unexpected (or hilarious), then give one of our suggestions a try.

1. White Castle
Get on board the campy White Castle Valentine’s Day bandwagon. Head over to the chain of your choice and enjoy a candlelit dinner (with white tablecloths, no less) of sliders and über-classy cheesecake on a stick. Call (513) 559-0575, ex. 10 for reservations.

2. Cyclones Valentines
Is your sweetheart a hockey fan? Then the Cyclones’ Valentine’s Day Package—six game tickets and a dozen roses (delivered by a Cyclones player!)—is the perfect gift. Be advised: When bestowed upon the wrong person, this gift just might constitute a relationship deal breaker. Click for details.

3. BB Riverboat Cruise
Hop on a classic riverboat for an Ohio River dinner cruise. Enjoy great views of the city and distant hills, and then partake in the most romantic activity known to man: A buffet.

4. Antique Valentines
Cozy up at the Main Library and view some old-timey Valentines—the kind your adorable grandparents (or great-grandparents, as the case may be) would have sent to each other. The display shows examples from as early as the 1880s up to the 1920s. Thru Feb 28, Click here for details.

5. Maple Sugaring in the Park
Sick of hearts and flowers? Try visiting the Farbach-Werner Nature Preserve to learn about traditional maple sugaring. Because maple syrup is sweet. See what we did there? Feb 13,

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