Top 5 Themed Trivia Events This Summer


Photo courtesy Igor Levin/Shutterstock

  1. Family Feud Trivia at West Side Brewing is a spin on the classic team-based trivia competition. Guessing the most popular answer instead of racking your brain for the correct one takes some pressure off— and quiets down the know-it-alls. Sundays through October, 3004 Harrison Ave., (513) 661-2337,
  2. If Black Panther is your favorite movie and you had a countdown to Avengers: Infinity War on your phone, head to Rosedale OTR for Marvel Trivia Night. Be sure to binge the movies so you don’t miss your chance at being the hero (this time). May 14, 7–9 p.m., 208 E. Twelfth St., (513) 864-5400,
  3. Tin Roof becomes Mos Eisley Cantina on Wednesday for Star Wars Trivia. May the force be with you and your fellow Jedi as you battle it out with Cincinnati’s finest fans for a cash prize. May 16, 7–10 p.m., 160 E. Freedom Way, (513) 381-2176,
  4. Have you ever put a stapler in Jell-O? Do you have a Michael Scott quote for any situation? Then be there as Dunder Mifflin takes over Queen City Exchange for The Office Trivia. May 24, 8–10 p.m., 32 W. Court St., downtown, (513) 954-0395,
  5. Mark your calendars for Drink and Draw: Art Trivia! at the Contemporary Arts Center. With a group of friends and a cocktail in hand, test your knowledge of all things art at the CAC’s first trivia event. JUL 12, 2018, 6-8 p.m., 44 E. Sixth St., downtown, (513) 345-8400,

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