Top 5 Places to Adopt a Pet

Ready to add a little bundle of fur to your family? Check out these local animal adoption agencies and feel even better about your choice. Not looking for a pet? Then revel in the puppy-and-kitten cuteness. (Fair warning: Reveling may cause you to seriously reconsider that “not looking for a pet” thing.)

1. Adore-a-Bull Rescue
Having grown considerably over their going-on-four years of existence, Adore-a-Bull receives rave reviews from those who have adopted through them. Focusing on pit bull terriers, they’ve taken an active role in educating Cincinnati about the breed, and they work to guarantee new owners understand how to be great pet parents to the pitties—using their loyalty, intelligence, and high energy for good, not evil.,

2. Save the Animals Foundation
Funded completely by donations and run completely by volunteers, this no-kill shelter for abandoned cats and dogs prioritizes quality care and thoughtful matching of pets with potential owners. Fostering a very low-pressure environment, STAF does all it can to ensure the pet is a perfect fit so the adoption will be permanent—including letting you come visit an animal multiple times and take him/her on a home visit.
4011 Red Bank Rd., Madisonville, (513) 561-7823,,

3. Stray Animal Adoption Program
Animals available for adoption through Northern Kentucky–based SAAP step into the local limelight every Sunday at 7:45 am on WLWT, and at least once a month on WCPO’s pet pal segment (Saturday at 8:20 am). One thing we know: There are worse ways to start a day. If you prefer seeing the pets in the flesh to on the screen, they schedule plenty of possibilities on weekends.

4. Recycled Doggies
This agency (with a super-sweet name) finds dogs whose time is running out in shelters and places them in foster homes for some good grooming, loving, and training until adopted. They’re regulars on Saturdays at the Mason PetsMart, and you can always check their full schedule of upcoming adoption events here. If you want to take your pup home the same day, be sure to fill out an application (and have it approved) ahead of time.
(513) 275-5842 (voicemail only, e-mail preferred),,

5. SPCA Cincinnati
The first organization of its kind in Ohio, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has been working in Cincinnati since 1873. Beyond adoptions (they take in more than 7,000 dogs and 9,000 cats annually, so there are plenty of pets that need homes), SPCA Cincinnati offers many other services: animal cruelty investigations, obedience training, humane education programs, and spaying/neutering, to name a few.
3949 Colerain Ave., Northside; 1900 Conrey Rd., Sharonville, (513) 541-6100 for both locations,

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