Top 5 Outdoor Dining Spots

Top 5 Outdoor Dining Spots
Incline Public House

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It never fails: Eating al fresco always makes us feel like we’re on vacation, even if it’s just Tuesday night hot dogs on the patio. Since spring has officially sprung, we found five spots around town that offer a perfect setting for outdoor dining.

1. Arnold’s
The famous interior courtyard at this downtown restaurant was one of the first of its kind back when outdoor dining was a rarity in the city. With intimate seating, ambient light, and regular live music, this courtyard is one of the best, rain or shine (thanks to a retractable roof). 210 E. 8th St., Downtown,

2. Barrio Tequileria
Despite heavy competition in Northside for Mexican food, Barrio undoubtedly has one of the best courtyards in the area. The fenced-in space has the vibe of a private backyard, but with an outdoor bar, live music, and of course food. 3937 Spring Grove Ave., Northside,

3. Mecklenburg Gardens
With a restaurant history beginning in 1870, this spot was a beer garden for the German immigrants of the late 19th century and a speakeasy for prohibition rebels. Still serving up the tradition of beer and German food that it originally thrived on, Mecklenburg has beautiful seating in a garden under 100-year-old grape vines. 302 E. University Ave., Clifton,

4. Incline Public House
The challenge of getting a table, especially outside, at Incline speaks to the quality of food and the breathtaking nature of the location. Sitting atop Price Hill, the patio has one of the best restaurant views of Cincinnati’s skyline. 2601 W. 8th St., Price Hill,

5. Arthur’s
Arthur’s is known for its bi-level brick patio out back, complete with shrubbery and vines that make the space feel all Secret Garden-ey—but with burgers. 3516 Edwards Road, Hyde Park,

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