Top 5 Nearby Film Festivals This Week

1. HorrorHound Weekend in Cincinnati
If you missed our interview with Nathan Hanneman, editor of HorrorHound magazine and organizer of HorrorHound Weekend, here’s the basic rundown of this weekend’s horror fest: the largest reunion of The Evil Dead ever assembled (including star Bruce Campbell), a panel with actor Clint Howard, and more than 20 films and shorts over three days. And let’s face it, it’s hard to go wrong with horror films—the more terrible they are, the more we love them.
March 21–23, Sharonville Convention Center,

2. Cleveland International Film Festival
You can’t argue with this festival’s numbers: 12 days, more than 180 features, more than 165 short films, and works from more than 60 countries. For all aspiring filmmakers out there, panels will be held at Cleveland State University covering producing, shooting, and distributing independent films and documentaries.
March 19–30, Tower City Cinemas, Cleveland,

3. Short films presented by the Columbus Film Council
Although the full Columbus International Film Festival isn’t until November, the short films from France, Spain, Columbus, and Cleveland presented Tuesday will help tide over your indie film appetite. This program is only an hour long, and admission is free. It’s also, conveniently, being held in a bar that makes honey wine on-site.
March 18, Brothers Drake Meadery, Columbus,

4. Colony Film Festival in Marietta
This festival focuses on showing films, shorts, and documentaries produced and directed by regional talent—and select works of local college students. Three filmmakers with Marietta connections will present a Filmmaking 101 workshop, during which a short film will be created with audience participation.
March 21 & 22, Putnam Commons, Marietta,

5. West Virginia Mountaineer Short Film Festival
This year’s Mountaineer Short Film Festival focuses on the theme of escape, looking at its many manifestations, psychological, tangible, and technology-induced. The festival was created to expose West Virginia University students and locals around the area to independent filmmaking and to bring outside attention to West Virginian and Appalachian heritage.
March 20–23, West Virginia University’s Creative Arts Center,


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