Top 5 Nature-Loving Pursuits This Week


If the gray days of February are bringing out your inner couch potato, give one of these winter nature-inspired events a try.

1. Maple sugaring in Hamilton County Parks
Maple sugaring season is upon us. Visit a different Hamilton County Park nearly every day this week to hear all about the tasty tradition. Feb 15-March 11,

2. The Spring Floral Show at Krohn Conservatory
The Krohn’s famous seasonal displays are not to be missed. On view through April is the greenhouse’s early spring floral show, enhanced by hand-strung glass beads placed throughout the space. January 21–April 8, Krohn Conservatory, 1501 Eden Park Dr., Eden Parks,

3. Winter Gorge Hike
For a seriously invigorating cold-weather hobby, give winter hiking a try. Free. February 26 at Sharon Woods Gorge Trail,

4. Animals in Nature at Cincinnati Museum Center
Meet plenty of otherwise-frightful animals in the safety of the Cincinnati Museum Center’s Museum of Natural History & Science. Everything from tarantulas to pythons are on display. Every day at 12:30 at Museum of Natural History & Science, Cincinnati Museum Center,

5. Hiking Club
There really is strength in numbers: Find your activity inspiration by joining one of Cincinnati’s many hiking clubs. Our favorite meets at the Mt. Airy Forest tree house for an hour-long hike. Feb 22, 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm; to join the mailing list: email

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