Top 5 Local Podcasts

Top 5 Local Podcasts

Get outside, go for a walk, and listen to one (or all) of these informative/hilarious/fantastic local podcasts.  They’re not Serial, but they’re ours.

1. The Jerry Springer Podcast
The former mayor, news anchor, and trashy talk-show host is back home, recording a (nearly) weekly show that touches on everything from politics to bear attacks.

2. Squirrel Stories
Billed as “the opposite of a swan song,” web developer Sean C. Davis interviews friends about their most embarrassing moments.

3. The Nathan Ivey Show
A former radio host on the defunct 1230 WDBZ-AM “The Buzz,” Ivey’s weekday show on local news and politics considers no topic off-limits.

4. Wrong Side of the Pond
Dubbed “The Pondcast” by D.J. Switzer and Jeremy Lance, the duo cover soccer from a very localized yet intelligent point of view.

5. Creative City
Hosted by our own Cincinnati Magazine stylist, Tamia Stinson, her chats with the city’s creative class are like an audible invitation to the cool table.

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