Top 5 Local Podcasts

Tune in to hear some of our favorite local voices.

1. Season two of Accused covers the murder of nurse and prison minister Retha Welch and the subsequent wrongful (or was it?) conviction of William Virgil. Follow the in-depth investigation by Amber Hunt and Amanda Rossmann, the same Cincinnati Enquirer team that brought us Accused: The Unsolved Murder of Elizabeth Andes last year.

2. If you like your podcasts with a side of escapism, try Looking Up, a collaboration from the Cincinnati Observatory and NPR. Outreach Astronomer Dean Regas (who moonlights as the co-host of PBS’s Stargazers and the author of Facts from Space) teams up with fellow Observatory Director of Development Anna Hehman for a quirky and informative take on astronomy. Curious about new discoveries and obscure celestial bodies? Want to know about NASA’s current comings and goings? Regas and Hehman keep tabs on the latest news, research, and missions. Plus, they always have a cool guest on hand to dive deeper into the science-ey stuff. The pair’s rapport is another draw, with Hehman playing the wisecracking everyman to Regas’s specialist.

3. UrbanCincy dissects issues facing our metropolis: parking, historic renovations and demolitions, public transportation—you name it and they’ve probably c.vered it. This isn’t a weekly (or even monthly) podcast, but it’s a great resource for checking out some of the key concerns and developments that have cropped up during the city’s revitalization.

4. The Cincinnati Art Museum’s Art Palace is a bi-weekly podcast that promotes art for everyone. They have conversations about all things art with “people from all walks of life.” Take a break from the day to learn about history and culture through art with your friends, neighbors, and one of Cincinnati’s finest institutions.

5. CincyMusic Spotlight is a local music lover’s mecca. The weekly show features local musicians—some known and some not-yet-known—orchestrated by Cincinnati legend Venomous Valdez.  

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