Top 5 Local Chili Parlors


Photograph via Camp Washington Chili

Editorial Note: Park Chili Parlor is closed.

Would you throw down for your local chili parlor? You’re not alone. There are few more divisive subjects in Cincinnati than chili. We rounded up five neighborhood spots worth your notice—and maybe your loyalty.

1. Camp Washington Chili
This month Camp Washington Chili celebrates 75 years in Cincinnati. Try the customary 3-way to get a taste of the exceptional flavor that keeps chili-junkies coming back for more. 3005 Colerain Ave., Camp Washington, (513) 541-0061,

2. Pleasant Ridge Chili
Pleasant Ridge Chili marked 50 years of “modern comfort food” this past January. The Sideris family has been hard at work since 1964 perfecting their exhaustive menu and their own special chili recipe. What’s more, Pleasant Ridge Chili is just a great old fashioned diner. Try the gravy cheese fries (which are way better than they sound) and anything on the breakfast menu. 6032 Montgomery Rd., Pleasant Ridge, (513) 531-2365, 

3. Blue Ash Chili
Blue Ash Chili is the ultimate chili parlor for one reason: It has a liquor license. Finally we can pair a proper adult beverage with our coneys without being asked to leave. 9565 Kenwood Rd., Blue Ash, (513) 984-6107,

4. Park Chili Parlor
Park Chili is small, but authentically cozy with a friendly, welcoming staff. Stop in and grab a simple yet hearty 3-way or double-decker sandwich. 4160 Hamilton Ave., Northside (513) 541-9902

5. Blue Jay Restaurant
This family-owned diner is the place to get chili and all-American lunch and breakfast. Blue Jay opened in 1967 and owners Danny and Tina Petropoulos are still hard at work to this day. Go for the chili and stay for the double-decker burgers. 4154 Hamilton Ave., Northside, (513) 541-0847,

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