Top 5 Learning-Is-Fun Outings

From Sesame Street to Bill Nye the Science Guy, we all know that learning can actually be pretty fun. Try out some of Cincinnati’s own educational experiences—no TV required.

1. Saturnday at the Cincinnati Observatory
Thanks to those telltale rings, Saturn just might be the very coolest planet for a non-expert astronomy enthusiast to view. Don’t miss its yearly—but brief—appearance in the night sky. $6 per person; April 28 at the Cincinnati Observatory,

2. The Incredible Insect
Whether they amuse, frighten, or interest you, bugs are just a part of life. Who better than the folks at the Cincinnati Zoo to tell you all about insects, the largest class of creatures on the planet? April 26-27 at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden,

3. Our Rivers’ Fury: Past and Present Ohio Valley Floods
The thing about being a river town is that you occasionally have to deal with floods. And, occasionally, those floods are devastating. Visit the Behringer-Crawford Museum to get first-hand eyewitness accounts of the historic 1937 and 1997 floods that shook the city. Thru May 27 at Behringer-Crawford Museum,

4. Matthew Albritton: Ohio Presidential Birthplaces
This exhibit is one part art show, one part history lesson. Through never-before-seen photographs of the seven presidential birthplaces and boyhood homes in Ohio, photographer Matthew Albritton explores a more personal side of our nation’s history. April 27–July 29 at the Taft Museum of Art,

5. Cabin Building Basics
Once a wild frontier town, Cincinnati was covered with log cabins hand-built by industrious pioneers. Visit the History Museum in the Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal to learn the ins and outs of cabin construction. April 23 at Cincinnati Museum Center History Museum, 

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