Top 5 Karaoke Nights

Try out our five favorite karaoke nights (and check your inhibitions at the door).

1. Kaze

On Wednesday nights, head downtown and visit the bar inside Kaze to enjoy some mid-week karaoke. You get your own backup dancers! Kaze, 1400 Vine St., downtown, (513) 898-7991,

2. Northside Tavern
Every Wednesday night, Sexy Time Live karaoke lights up the Northside Tavern. Sing before a real live band (and have someone else to blame if you happen to be booed off stage). Northside Tavern, 4163 Hamilton Ave., Cincinnati, (513) 542-3603,

3. FB’s
The folks at FB’s claim that “anyone can sing.” And while that may or may not be true, it will certainly be easier to believe after you take advantage of their nightly drink specials. FB’s, 126 W. 6th St., downtown, (513) 246-4333,

4. Lebo’s Bar and Grill
Lebo’s, located along the Ohio River, has four weekly opportunities to sing your little heart out (and then some). Wednesdays and Thursdays are the standard karaoke nights, and the bar adds dancing to the mix on Fridays and Saturdays. Lebo’s Bar & Grill, 5869 Kellogg Ave., Cincinnati, (513) 232-1763,

5. Silverton Café
What makes karaoke a little more interesting? Money, that’s what. Silverton Café hosts a karaoke contest every Thursday night, with the winner taking home a cool $25. Silverton Café, 7201 Montgomery Rd., Cincinnati, (513) 791-2922,

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