Top 5 Global Food Markets


Five world markets worth avid exploration

1. La Mexicana Grocery

Sitting in the back of this Newport dining destination are all the necessary items needed to prepare your own Mexican feast: dried shrimp and chili powders for soup; a mixture of both pickled and fresh vegetables; whole chickens, fish, and beef fillets; and of course, fresh baked churros—though chances are those little guys won’t survive the car ride home. 642 Monmouth St., Newport, (859) 261-6112)

2. Darou Salam Store

One of the city’s few (if not only) places to pick up traditional African foods and ingredients, such as koobi, palmnut cream, guava juice, and peanut paste from Senegal. You can even buy authentic African rugs. 4158 Hamilton Ave., Northside, (513) 681-6321

3. Marina’s International Deli & Gourmet Foods

Your one-stop shop for every Eastern European culinary need. Choose from 50 different meats—including headcheese and liver sausage—and at least 10 variations of cheese—such as Havarti, Podlaski, and feta. 11426 Montgomery Rd., Sharonville, (513) 469-6100

4. Tokyo Foods

The Japanese goods range from edible delicacies to native entertainment. Aside from the fresh eel, tobiko, and udon noodles, you can also rent a movie from the collection of un-translated Japanese flicks to unwind after dinner. Use the English subtitles, if you must. 10738 Reading Rd., Sharonville, (513) 563-5990

5. Jagdeep’s Indian Grocery

This market features everything from the standard dinner fare (lamb, chicken, and goat kebabs) to the standard hair care products (coconut hair oil). You can also pick up fresh paneer cheese, loki, and mathri. 356 Ludlow Ave., Clifton, (513) 961-2699

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