Top 5 Exhibits This Week

1. A Day In Pompeii
The next best thing to visiting the world’s most famous ruins is seeing the recovered artifacts up close and personal. The traveling exhibit A Day In Pompeii—touring archaeological treasures collected from the site of the 79 A.D. eruption of Mt. Vesuvius—is an exceptional treat indeed, as those items are rarely allowed to leave Italy. View sculpture, jewelry, and frescos, along with casts of actual victims, forever frozen in time. Cincinnati Museum Center,  

2. J. M. W. Turner: Watercolors to Books
View the otherworldly landscapes by British painter Joseph Mallord William Turner, whose watercolors—transformed into engravings—graced travel books and novels of the early 19th century and inspired generations of tourists. On loan from the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County, the University of Cincinnati, and the Indianapolis Museum of Art are books containing original engravings based on Turner’s work. Thru April 5 at Taft Museum of Art,

3. Nick Cave: Meet Me At the Center of the Earth
Join the Cincinnati Art Museum for its presentation of performance artist Nick Cave’s largest installation to date. Cave’s “Soundsuits” are created with found objects, metal, plastic, and even colorfully dyed human hair, blurring the line between sculpture and costume. Thru April 29 at Cincinnati Museum Center,

4. The Schmidlapp Gallery Renovation
If you haven’t been to the Cincinnati Art Museum lately, you’ve missed a big change to the ground floor. What was once a forgettable assortment of antiquities hidden behind bland glass cases is now a forceful introduction to the museum’s impressive collection. Eighteen carefully chosen paintings and sculptures—spanning 65,000 years of art history—are placed in curtained spaces along the gallery hallway, giving visitors a chance to view each item both in an intimate, singular setting and also in unique context with the rest of the collection.

5. Findlay Market: Heart of the City
At 160 years old, local gem Findlay Market is Ohio’s oldest public market. View photographs, artifacts, and historical materials at the Cincinnati Museum Center’s Ruthven Gallery. Thru April 22 at Cincinnati Museum Center,   

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